The ultimate festival guide

How to Loosen a Festival Wristband?

how to loosen festival wristband

Almost all festivals are familiar with the non-removable wristbands. They are meant to identify who is supposed to be at the festival and who is not. Collecting and keeping wristbands from the different festivals you have attended has been a …

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How to Recover From a Festival? [9 Tips]

recover from festival hangover

The festival season is almost over. Have you just returned from a festival? Or are you going to your last festival soon? Then you would probably like to know how to prevent a bad hangover or what you can do …

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How to Find the Best Festival Camping Spot [12 Tips]

find camping spot festival

This may be just as important as packing your gear properly: finding the best festival camping spot! Leaving early in the morning to be the first in line to get a nice spot at the campsite… sounds familiar? Thousands of …

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How to Best Pack a Backpack for Festivals

how pack backpack festival

Do you have a festival coming up soon? Get ready for the time of your life. It’s smart to bring a ‘daypack’, or if you’re going to a multi-day festival, a larger backpack to easily carry things. You don’t want …

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How to Keep Drinks Cool at a Festival? [8 Tips]

keep drinks cool festival

No one is a fan of drinking hot sodas or water during the summer, right? Not having cool drinks at the festival campsite is a common problem. Most festival campgrounds do not have electricity. So you can’t bring a little …

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