How to Recover From a Festival? [9 Tips]

recover from festival hangover

The festival season is almost over. Have you just returned from a festival? Or are you going to your last festival soon? Then you would probably like to know how to prevent a bad hangover or what you can do …

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How to Find the Best Festival Camping Spot [12 Tips]

find camping spot festival

This may be just as important as packing your gear properly: finding the best festival camping spot! Leaving early in the morning to be the first in line to get a nice spot at the campsite… sounds familiar? Thousands of …

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How to Best Pack a Backpack for Festivals

how pack backpack festival

Do you have a festival coming up soon? Get ready for the time of your life. It’s smart to bring a ‘daypack’, or if you’re going to a multi-day festival, a larger backpack to easily carry things. You don’t want …

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How to Keep Drinks Cool at a Festival? [8 Tips]

keep drinks cool festival

No one is a fan of drinking hot sodas or water during the summer, right? Not having cool drinks at the festival campsite is a common problem. Most festival campgrounds do not have electricity. So you can’t bring a little …

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