How To Stay Warm at a Music Festival? [10 Useful Tips]

Staying warm at night at a music festival can be quite a challenge. It’s important to stay warm at a festival for several reasons. First and foremost, being cold can be uncomfortable and can negatively impact your enjoyment of the festival. In addition, if the weather is very cold, you could be at risk of developing hypothermia, a condition that occurs when your body temperature drops too low. You will experience symptoms like shivering, slurred speech, and difficulty moving. If left untreated, hypothermia can be life-threatening. 

By taking steps to stay warm, you can help prevent hypothermia, be comfortable and enjoy the festival to the fullest! Below, we’ve listed the best 10 tips to stay warm at music festivals at both festival site and festival campground.

Stay warm at the festival site at night

Just being among people is not enough to stay warm later in the evening or at night. Check out the best top tips for staying warm at the festival site below.

1. Dress in different layers

What to wear to stay warm at a festival? Well, wearing multiple layers of clothing will help trap heat and keep you warm. If it is too hot you can also take off a layer. Let’s look at what layers are important to keep yourself warm at a music festival.

First, make sure to wear a base layer of thermal or moisture-wicking fabric, that will help keep your skin dry and warm. Look for materials like merino wool, polypropylene, or synthetic fleece. Second, add a middle layer for insulation. For example, put on a fleece or wool sweater later in the evening when it cools down. Finish the outfit off with a waterproof outer layer to protect yourself against rain. Bring a coat, jacket or raincoat with you.

Tip: it’s also a good idea to wear comfortable, water-resistant festival shoes to protect your feet from mud and rain. If the weather is particularly cold, you may want to consider wearing thermal socks or foot warmers to keep your feet warm.

2. Keep your head and hands warm

If your hands and feet are cold, the rest of your body will not warm up quickly either. Your head and hands are two areas of your body that lose heat quickly, so it’s important to keep them covered. Wear a hat or headband to keep your head warm. Also wear gloves, especially when you’re holding a cold drink. Look for gloves that are insulated or made from warm materials, such as wool or fleece. Nowadays, there are all these crazy and fun festival gloves, for example gloves that light up in different colors.

3. Stay active: dance, jump and mosh

Moving around will help generate heat and keep your blood flowing. So don’t stand still in one place for too long. Fortunately, at a festival you get plenty of opportunities for some physical exercise. Are two of your favorite artists performing right after each other, but on different stages? RUN! Besides, it is not forbidden to dance, show off your dancing skills and keep on moving that body. Or if you go to a rock or metal festival, give the mosh pit a try, or even crazier: go crowdsurfing! Not only because of the movement, but also because of the adrenaline you are guaranteed to get warmer.


That you can burn as many as 500 calories with 30 minutes of dancing? A good reason to move those hips!

4. Stay hydrated: not just alcohol!

Staying hydrated is important at any music festival, because it can help keep your body temperature regulated and prevent fatigue. Drink plenty of water, aim to drink water every hour or so, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Trust me, your body will thank you. If it’s allowed, you can also bring a water bottle to refill it at water stations or drinking fountains. And last but not least: avoid alcohol, as it can cause your body to lose heat faster. I understand that at a festival you probably consume more alcohol than usual and that you just want to have a good time, but try to make sure you alternate enough with drinking water instead.

5. Use hand and foot warmers

These small packets contain a chemical that, when activated (by squeezing them), releases heat. You can put them in your gloves or boots to help keep your hands and feet warm. Often you can even reuse them; you put them in boiling water so the chemical liquid can harden for the next use.

6. Go to a warmer area

If possible, find a warm place to take a break and warm up. Often, in addition to outdoor stages, a music festival has stages in a covered tent too. Go see an artist perform in a tent, or go for a food break at a covered tent. Eating warm food and drinking warm liquid also helps to warm up the body faster. Maybe there is an area at the festival site with a fireplace, warm up for a while and party on again!

7. Stay dry

Wet clothing will make you colder, so try to stay as dry as possible. If it’s raining, bring an umbrella or raincoat to keep you dry. Also bring plenty of clean, dry clothes to change into, in case you do get soaked. Read more about staying dry at a rainy and muddy music festival.

Stay warm at the festival campground

A lot of the abovementioned tips can also be used at the festival campsite. We also have some additional tips specifically for the festival campground so you can stay warm there as well.

8. Bring a warm sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag is essential for staying warm at night at the festival campground. Sleeping bags are always rated for certain temperatures. Check the night temperature before you leave for the festival and buy a sleeping bag that matches this temperature. Try to look for a sleeping bag with a good warmth-to-weight ratio and a low temperature rating. Do you get cold feet easily? Some sleeping bags also have built-in foot boxes, which keep your feet warm and comfy.

If you want to be sure of a warm night, go for a 4 seasons sleeping bag. I always bring a 4 seasons sleeping bag with me to the festival camping and am always comfortably warm.

9. Bring a comfortable and quality sleeping pad

Not only does a sleeping pad ensure a pleasant night’s sleep, but a sleeping pad will also help insulate your body from the cold ground and keep you warmer. Does it get pretty cold at night? Then look for a sleeping pad with a high R-value.

10. Use a cold weather tent

Obviously, a good festival tent will provide shelter from the wind and rain and helps to keep you warm. Look for a tent with good ventilation to prevent condensation, which can make you feel colder. In addition, choosing a good camping spot is important. If possible, pitch your tent in a sheltered area, such as behind a hill or near trees, so that the tent is protected from wind.

Extra tip: Try to keep all your stuff in the tent off the ground, such as with a camping table. This minimizes the amount of cold air that enters the tent.

We hope these tips help you stay warm and prevent having shivering arms and legs. Do you have any useful tips for keeping yourself warm at a festival? Share them with other festival goers in the comments below, let’s help each other have a good (and warm) time at the upcoming music festivals!

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